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To gain greater understanding of the issues of the electricity sector.
Every month, directly on your PC, you will receive commentaries on national and European electricity and environmental markets, insights by experts and spotlights on the major issues of the sector.A useful update for operators, professionals and institutions of the electricity sector. A publication developed jointly with GMC — Giuseppe Marra Communications S.p.A. and with Adnkronos Comunicazione S.p.A., REF-E S.r.l., R.I.E. S.r.l. - Ricerche Industriali ed Energetiche.
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   GME's newsletter (Italian version only) | Number 135 | March 20
   GME's newsletter (Italian version only) | Number 134 | February 20
   GME's newsletter (Italian version only) | Number 133 | January 20
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