10 Mar 2016
DCO 2/2016 Principles of the integrated regulatory rules (TIGSI) for the guarantee, invoicing and settlement system of GME
According to this consultation document, GME aims at collecting, among its stakeholders, observations and insights about the principles and rules of the new integrated system of guarantees (hereinafter referred to as "Integrated Guarantee System") to be applied on the energy markets (ME and MGAS) and the OTC Registration Platform (PCE) (hereinafter referred to as "Markets"). The purpose of the new guarantee system is to promote, inter alia, a reduction of the costs for Market Participants incurred in providing financial guarantees necessary to trade on the markets and to facilitate the related operations through a process of simplification and streamlining of the procedures.


Interested parties must submit their comments to GME - Relazioni Istituzionali e Comunicazione - Institutional Relations and Communication, no later than 4 April 2016, limit for expiration of this consultation, by one of the following ways:
  • e-mail:
  • fax: 06.8012-4524
  • mail: Gestore dei mercati energetici S.p.a Viale Maresciallo Pilsudski 122/124 00197 - Roma
Those wishing to safeguard the confidentiality or secrecy, in whole or in part, of the documents sent are required to specify which parts of their documents shall be treated as confidential.

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