05 Mar 2020
Urgent Communication - Transmission of documents to GME

Please be informed that due to the current situation of emergency, until otherwise communicated, - notwithstanding the Technical Rules pertaining to the Regulations of the market organized and managed by GME - the documentation relating to the processes listed below must be sent in PDF format and digitally and properly signed according to current legislation, via certified e-mail (PEC) to the GME Certified Email address:

If you do not have a certified e-mail address, the digitally signed documentation must be sent to the following e-mail address:

However, if you do not have a digital signature certificate, a copy of a valid identity document of the subscriber must be enclosed to the documentation holographically signed.

Example list of the operational processes involved in the new communication methods:

-  communication of banking details;
-  current account debit authorisation (SDD);
-  changes and allocation of guarantees;
-  branch VAT declaration;
-  foreign taxable person VAT declaration;
-  participation/registration applications to all GME markets and platforms, including the TEE register and the PDR and PIP platforms;
-  requests of exclusion from GME markets and platforms, including the TEE register;
-  changes of data and information declared by participants;
-  mandates in favour of Market Operator entitled to submit bids respect to given offer points on ME and PCE;
-  Trayport user authorisation application;
-  request to enable/disable users of market platforms;
-  changes to PDR services;
-  FTP requests;
-  release liability declaration for the submission of bids/offers on ME and MGAS;
-  request to carry out market making activities;
-  P-GAS supply conditions.

Please also note that for the transmission of further documentation different from those involved in the processes listed above, the usual e-mail addresses published on the GME website will remain active, including the following e-mail addresses:

Until next communication aimed to restoring the usual communication methods with GME, any requests/communications received by GME by ordinary mail, registered mail, courier, in person and telefacsimile will not be processed.

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